Arboles muertos y mucha tinta

Ya que empezó el Mundial...

... interrumpimos nuestra transmisión habitual para dar un importante mensaje:

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Ahora sí, retornamos a nuestra transmisión habitual...

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Mortimer Todd -

Hey! Quit watching football and get back to work!

roberto -

how did you discover that ?=)

Look, i promise not to reincide with those posts (except when we win the World CUp =). I am not a big Football fan. My only time when the Football virus bit me is on this season. So, bear with me
And a Brazillian who hates football? Do you know that I think that is called treason? =)
You know, if Argenitna and brazil finish fighting each other in the final, the Mercosur is definitivaley dead =)
well, I promise not to bother more with this stuff. I promise.

Bibi -

Are you Argentine? :) Anyway, I hate "futebol" and I hope that Brazil lost very soon, because people do nothing here when there are the matches and they do nothing after, when Brazil wins. I hate the noise too. I'm boring.